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We are in business to make the world a better place.

We believe in creating items that not only make you look great but that also make the world a better place for everyone. This is why we only sell made-to-order high quality sustainable items ethically made. To create produce only what we sell (#ZeroWaste) and to help consumers buy made-to-last products at fair prices and also make better purchasing decisions (no more unworn items in your wardrobe). We are a for profit company, but above that we are a group of humans that want to protect our planet and make it a great place for present and future generations.

Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to #TheNewSexy.

Good for you.

Our made-to-order approach is better for you as it gives you access to superior quality items at more affordable prices and helps you make smarter & less impulsive decisions that will improve your life and wellbeing.

Quality over quantity.

Good for us.

With our pre-order system we only produce what we sell, allowing us to have a more efficient business that translates into fewer costs, more efficiency prices and definitely being able to offer you high quality products at better prices.

Good for factories.

Our system is also more efficient for factories and specially for the people working there. We make sure each factory we work with treats their employees in a fair way with an ethical salary and fair working conditions.

Good for the planet.

Zero waste, organic & recycled materials, no impulsive purchases. made-to-last items... If our planet went shopping we are pretty sure she would buy on COMOVITA.