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Our Story

Back in 2018, I was working in consumer electronics in China, and after years of visiting factories from different industries, across different South East Asian countries, I decided I wanted to make things differently, and work to make the world a better place.

During all those years, I was impressed by the effects that consumerism, in the western countries, had in less developed countries. Factories that pushed workers to work an unhealthy number of hours, just to receive an extremely low salary, and go to sleep in dorm rooms within the same buildings where they worked, so that customers, in the other side of the world, could buy a new t-shirt for less than 20$.


It was clear to me, as a 24 years old European, that there had to be a different way of doing things. A way that had a positive impact for everyone across the whole supply chain, from the final customer to the person working on the cotton fields.


So after a few months months I decided to leave my previous company, come back to Europe and transform my favorite industry: fashion. In November 2018 I launched what was, back then, one of the first marketplaces that sold exclusively sustainable fashion. Still, after some months of fast growth it was clear that in order to make sustainability mainstream, the offer had to improve and in 2020 we decided to make a 180-degrees change and transform Comovita from a marketplace to a brand with the goal of creating the world's most sustainable brand and follow our phylosophy of fewer, better things.


We believe that for something to be called truly sustainable, it has to have 5 core values: eco-friendly but highly resistant materials, an ethical production, zero waste, a timeless design that you can wear 5 or 20 years from now and fair prices. And this is what Comovita is all about, creating the best quality footwear staples, with the best materials, in a Spanish workshop that treats employees like family, and everything, made to order for every customer.


Thank you for joing our revolution!

Borja Durán
Founder & CEO