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The World's Most Sustainable Brand.

Better for you. Better for the planet.
Better for everyone.


Sustainable. Ethical. Made to order. Made to last.

We Create Clothes That Make The World A Better Place For Everyone.

Why our products?


We're cautious of our fabrics selection and use only the best.


Every item is made in European factories that pay ethical wages and offer fair working conditions to its employees  

Made to last

Our made-to-order approach ensures that every item is carefully made to last, so you can wear it now and a decade from now.

What we believe

At COMOVITA we believe there's a better way of doing things in the fashion industry. We believe there is a way of producing and buying clothes that doesn't harm the planet and the people producing it the way it does now.

We believe in a world with fewer, better things. Where every piece is thoughtfully made in an ethical factory that pays fair wages to its employees and gives them ethical working conditions. And that every piece is made with materials that have a reduced impact on the planet and that are made to last a lifetime. We also believe in timeless designs that you can wear now, and in 20 years from now.

We believe there's a way of doing things that is better for everyone.

Fewer, better things.