Our factory in Portugal

Consuming classic garments that will last over time is the most sustainable choice we can make as consumers.

Producing this garments with the best organic materials in ethical factories is what we do at Comovita.

In Portugal we create wardrobe essentials that will last over time.

Why Portugal?

In the mountains in the north of Portugal, just outside Porto, small roads take you to the family-owned textile factories that have been there for more than a century. Many of the same methods and techniques are still being used, combined with modern methods, which ensures that every product will be produced perfectly.

For us ‘Made in Portugal’ means a reassurance of high quality and it is a more sustainable way of producing our clothes. The main part of our production is based here, and that includes sourcing most of our fabrics and materials locally, resulting in less transport between productions lines. This also means we can visit weavers and factories on the same trip, which significantly reduces travel on our part. Production in Portugal is a huge advantage to keep our footprint down, and it’s so much easier for us to visit the factories and make sure we are proud of our clothes.

Producing in Portugal, a country in the European Union, and very close to Barcelona (where we are based), is a way of ensuring that the people producing our garments have ethical working conditions and a fair wage. We could move production somewhere else, with lower costs, but we wouldn't be as proud as we are of our clothes and brand.


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