6 reasons to pre-order sustainable fashion

6 reasons to pre-order sustainable fashion

We recently introduced a pre-order system in our shop, to offer you the most sustainable way of buying fashion. If want to know why- keep on reading!

Simply put, a pre-order refers to ordering a product before it is produced. It means shopping for what is not made yet, but expecting to get it, once the production is done.  

This is a beneficial model for brands, customers and the environment. So, here are our top 6 reasons why pre-order is the most sustainable way of buying fashion:

1. It is not about guessing

The fashion industry largely operates on the model that requires the brands to estimate the number of pieces they will sell. Despite all the available data brands have nowadays-these estimates are, after all, only their best guesses. Just as recent news about Victoria Secret discarding hundreds of unsold bras shows, the model is incredibly unsustainable and unreliable. Instead of relying on the estimates, the pre-order system follows the actual demand for each item produced. This way the brands have a good sense of what their sales will look like.

2. Prevents overproduction and waste

The conventional way of production usually means overproduction. The brands that estimate their sales, usually prepare for the best sales scenario they can. Unfortunately, each year this means that about 30% of produced clothes will not be sold. Considering the amounts of textile that ends up in landfills every year, this practice is highly damaging for the planet. The pre-order system avoids this and produces only what will be sold. By minimizing the risk of new clothes going to waste, it presents a far better environmental choice. 

3. Reduces the amount of deadstock

With the conventional model being highly wasteful, the on demand production is a good alternative. Taking into consideration the real customer demand, the sellers can calculate how much fabric and other material they need to use. This way, the brands can directly reduce the amount of leftover fabric or deadstock. Though there are great initiatives around the world that are working on reusing deadstock, it is far from a sustainable practice. The most sustainable thing to do is to avoid it in the first place.

4. A better financial choice for the sellers

A large amount of items (over)produced requires having stocks and paying the transport, so the clothes arrive at the stores in estimated amounts. In contrast to that, working in the pre-order system helps the sellers control their stock and other expenses. It is a better financial choice, especially for the small brands who cannot afford to pay for big storage or a risk of not selling the items produced.

5. Prevents impulse buying

While the above reasons are great for the sellers, it is only a part of the story. The pre-order benefits you, the consumer, as well. Because there is a longer waiting time between buying and receiving the product, there is less chance of buying impulsively and perhaps regretting it later. The system encourages conscious and thoughtful buying instead. Even the psychologists agree that impulse behaviour is damaging to us. 

6. Guarantees better quality items

When the brands produce the clothes massively, especially in the overproduction scenarios, they are under the pressure to produce it quickly and cheaply. Apart from this being an ethical issue, it can hinder the quality of the items. The opposite is in the pre-order system. Since the brands know how much they need to produce, they can plan properly and avoid the time pressure. Simply put, pre-order is a guarantee of the best quality for a good price. 

Are you interested to try it out? Learn how it works here and make your shopping more sustainable!

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