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Ethically made

All the items you can find in COMOVITA have been produced in factories that pay fair wages to its workers and that offer ethical working conditions, no matter the country.

Sustainable materials

We love our planet and we want future generations to enjoy it as much as we do. That is why we always use fabrics that have a reduced impact in our planet. All our fabrics are organic or recycled. We like to think that if Mother Earth went shopping, she'd buy in COMOVITA.

Made to last

Every item sold in COMOVITA has been made to last decades. We create timeless items made with high quality fabrics.

Zero Waste

We only sell on pre-order. The main reason is to create zero waste collections and to also help consumers make non-impulsive decisions.

Buy less. Buy better. Wear more.

Good for you. Good for society. Good for the planet.