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Sometimes the simplest designs are the most sophisticated, and the Chelsea is a testament to that. Handcrafted from certified Italian suede in a cool, dark-brown, it’s fitted with elasticated side panels for comfort and welted onto a rubber sole to ensure maximum durability.

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Dark Brown Suede

suede chelsea boots comovita Mid Brown Suede


Our Chelsea Boots are handcrafted in Spain with high-quality materials and Spanish craftsmanship. Every single step is carefully performed by our skilled artisans who hold many years of experience.

The Origin

The design is credited to Queen Victoria's shoemaker Joseph Sparkes Hall. The shoemaker, Joseph Sparkes Hall, claimed that "She (Queen Victoria) walks in them daily and thus gives the strongest proof of the value she attaches to the invention". In his advertising of the period, he refers to the boot as J. Sparkes Hall's Patent Elastic Ankle Boots.The boot became popular for horse riding as well as walking.

Charles Goodyear's development of vulcanised rubber enabled the invention of the elastic gusset boot. The advantage of elasticised boots meant they could be easily removed and put on again. By the late 1840s, the fashion began to catch on. This became a prominent style in the West until the onset of World War I.

In the 1950s and '60s, Chelsea boots became popular in the UK – and their association with the King's Road (a street in Chelsea and Fulham in inner western London) set of Swinging London – worn by everyone from the Rolling Stones to Jean Shrimpton – is believed to explain how the name "Chelsea" became attached to the boot.

How To Style Your Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are extremely versatile and can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. Most men will like the fact that they can combine the same pair of boots with jeans or a suit. Their simple and clean lines compliment most outfits.

Chelsea boots have been featured in the collections of most leading designers, and you should feel free to experiment with whichever style you are comfortable with. Although chunky, thick soled Chelsea boots are available, slim soled styles are preferable in keeping with their traditonally sleek form.