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"Your shoes are expensive"

This is what a customer wrote us on an email. Here's what we have to say about it.

Yes, we aren't cheap.

Yes. We could make our shoes in China, or Bangladesh. And we could use cheaper raw materials, or source them from unethical suppliers. And we could avoid offering free repairs. But then we would just be another average brand, just trying to make money by reducing costs and increasing prices. 

"Quality, ethics, and sustainability are not cheap"

We believe in using our brand and products to make the world a better place for everyone. We make all our shoes in workshops in Spain, where artisans make enough money to go on holidays. They only work 8h per day so that they can spend the afternoons with their family, or friends, enjoying the amazing Spanish life. We could also source our leathers, and soles, from cheaper suppliers, who don’t treat animals well. We could also use dangerous chemicals to tan our leathers. We could also use cheaper soles, but then our shoes wouldn’t last a lifetime. We could also make our shoes in a more "industrial" way but then we wouldn’t be able to repair them or resole them, so that you can keep using them for ages. 

Instead, we make our shoes with the best materials available, paying the best artisans in the world to make them, and we offer them to you on demand, so you can enjoy the world's best shoes, at fair (but not cheap) prices. We don’t use fancy packagings, or make expensive advertisments, in fact, we barely spend money on marketing our products, as we’d have to raise our prices at least 50% to do so. Instead, we focus on quality and craftsmanship, and we believe that once you wear a pair of Comovita’s, you will never want to use another pair of shoes. Our product is our marketing and advertising.


No, we don’t do discounts. We hate Black Fridays and promotions. We won’t try to sell you a pair of shoes you don’t need. Spend your money on having fun, enjoying with your family and friends and doing what makes you happy. If you need a pair of shoes, we will offer you the best timeless shoes, built to last decades, not seasons.

So... are we really so "expensive"?

Think again

Our shoes are made to last decades. But let's say they end up lasting "only" 10 years. If you use them 50 days per year, that would mean that every day you use them it would cost you less than 50 cents. Is it that expensive? Or is it actually cheaper than buying 100€ shoes that last one or two seasons.

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