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Another world is possible?' is the motto of the French footwear brand Veja that creates sneakers with organic materials and fair trade. They work towards a "dignified life".

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In Veja they believe that speeches are useless, so they prefer to do, and their way of doing is by creating beautiful organic and ethical sneakers.

Among the reasons for this way of doing business, Veja assures that the planet "will not tolerate our lack of consideration any longer" so they are betting on the use of biological cotton for their sneakers. Two cooperatives of small producers in Brazil deal with their cultivation: the first, an NGO, has been working for 10 years in the 'agro-ecology' system, in a model doesn't even use chemical pesticides. The second project takes place in Paraná, in the south of Brazil, with the participation of 38 small producers. In both projects, Veja buys cotton respecting the principles of fair trade.

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In addition, the company confirms the soles of the shoes with natural, renewable and biodegradable rubber, which grows in a wild state in the heart of the Amazon forest, in the Chico Mendes reserve. Its cultivation favors the fight against forest deforestation. The company offers workers a bonus of 30% in relation to the market price.

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Also, Veja used in his shoes, since November last year, ecological leather (also known as vegetable).


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Respect for the manufacturing process, collaboration with cooperatives, dignity of workers, legend, child behavior, paid pay and respect for schedules, among other conditions. Likewise, the company supervises "each stage of production, the field of cultivation until the door of the stores".

Lastly, Veja collaborates with the Talleres sin Fronteras Association, which reinserts workers at risk of expenses, in order to distribute and distribute their products.