Fashion Talks by COMOVITA

Fashion Talks: Thinking MU

Last Wednesday we had the third edition of our #FashionTalks by COMOVITA and we had the pleasure of chatting with Pepe Barguñó, the founder of Thinking MU about the story of their brand and how their were one of the first sustainable fashion brands in the world, as they were born more than 13 years ago. During the fireside chat, we talked about the increasing popularity of sustainability and he helped us differentiate between real sustainability and corporate greenwashing, something most of fast fashion retailers are doing very frequently lately.

fashion talks by comovita thinking mu

After the interview, our guests had the opportunity to have a beer, network and talk with Pepe about Thinking MU and the fashion industry.

For those who dont' live in Barcelona, we have good news for you. Very soon we will launch our own podcast where every week we will have a conversation with an expert about sustainable fashion and how we can make the world a better place with our clothes. And for those in Barcelona, in a few days we will announce our next guest for the fourth edition of the #FashionTalks. Meanwhile, you can join our Meetup group to stay tuned about future events. Join here.

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